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Total black

I Gusci

``I Gusci`` is a collection of thin and organic bowls designed for everyday life, inspired by an imaginary fossil nature where each element is part of an oneiric, but domestic landscape.
Each piece is handmade using a slab building technique and the edges are delicately engraved with a small cutter.
After the first fire (980 degrees), each piece's edge is painted by hand with pigments or oxides. It is thanks to the second fire that they develop their own character; at 1280 degrees, by the reducing of volume, the porcelain forms move through the space. The bisque finish outside and the crystalline glaze inside give a contemporary flavour to this collection.
In my work, I always indulge the anarchist spirit of porcelain allowing it to deform plastically, so as to lose the initial geometry and obtain unique forms.
XS: diameter 8 x h 3 CM
S: diameter 10 x h 4 CM
M: diameter 16 x h 5 CM